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BinanceBet is a real-time chart of leading cryptocurrencies’ market value. The object is to predict whether the price went up or down or if the price is odd or even at next update.

There are two ways to play BinanceBet: Single Bet and Parlay. In Single Bet, the player places a bet on one outcome. Meanwhile, Parlay can have the player wager on more than a single outcome in one betting period (eg, High and Even).

- Enter the amount you wish to ante by inputting the amount using the numeric keypad or by pressing the increments.

- Choose one from any of the outcomes available (HIGH, LOW, ODD, EVEN).

- A popup notification should appear once the stake has been confirmed.

- Wait for the result to appear.

- A popup would show up to let you know if you won or lost that round.

- In an event of Unchanged or Neutral 'N' outcome, player's bet considered as lose.